Introduction to Aerospace Engineering-Flight

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Week 1: Atmosphere and its properties Week 2: Nomenclature of aircraft components Week 3: Fluid Mechanics – I : Incompressible flow, Bernoulli’s Equation, Coanda Effect, and Mach No.. Week 4: Fluid Mechanics –II : Viscous Flow, Boundary Layer, Pressure Measurement Week 5: Aerodynamics – I : Airfoils, and Lift Generation Theories Week 6: Aerodynamics – II : Critical Mach no., Types of Drag Week 7: Propulsion : Types of Aircraft Engines Week 8: Aircraft Performance - I : Steady Level Flight and Altitude effects Week 9: Aircraft Performance- II : Glide, Climb, Ceilings, Turn, and Pull up Week 10:Aircraft Longitudinal Stability,and V-n Diagram Week 11:Aircraft Performance- III : Takeoff and Landing, Range and Endurance, Range-Payload Diagram Week 12:Flapping Wing Aerodynamics

Teaching Assistant
Nouman Uddin

Nouman Uddin currently working as a Project Research Assistant at Lighter-than-Air Systems Laboratory, Aerospace Engineering Department, IIT Bombay, Mumbai, India under ISRO sponsored project. He has completed his B.Tech in Aeronautical Engineering from Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow in 2020, and was consistently in the top student of his class during the four years of his B.Tech. He did a one-month summer training at ADRDE, DRDO in Agra, followed by a two-month project work at IIT Bombay. Later, he was selected as a Research Intern under the "IRCC Research Internship Award 2019-20" at IIT Bombay, where he worked on the Design of a Test Rig for a Phase Change based Lighter-than-Air System. He has cleared nine NPTEL exams under the domain of Aerospace Engineering. NPTEL recognizes as NPTEL Superstar, NPTEL Enthusiast, and NPTEL Discipline Star in Aerospace Engineering for the performance in December 2020. He also has been the Teaching Assistant for the course on "Lighter-than-Air Systems" in the past semester and Teaching Assistant for the two coursesnamely “Introduction to Aerospace Engineering” and “Introduction to Aircraft Design” in the current semester at NPTEL, IIT Bombay. He is a coordinator for the Fourth National Aerospace Conceptual Design Competition (aka NACDeC-IV). He received “Special recognition” for “Academic Excellence Award” in Students- UG (National) category” presented by the Institution of Engineers, India.He presented four research papers at International Conferences, one of which received the best paper award.

KM Kiran Babu

K. M. Kiran Babuis currently working as the Project Research Scientist at Department of Aerospace Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, India. He has both the Bachelors and Masters Degree in the Aeronautical Engineering from Anna University, Chennai and Hindustan Institute of Technology and Sciences, Chennai. He has total academic experience of 8 years as Faculty Member since 2013 and at present pursuing the Ph. D at IIT Bombay in the area of Multi-Disciplinary Optimization of Lighter-Than-Air (LTA) Systems for Venus Exploration. His research interests include LTA Systems, Computational Fluid Dynamics, and Design Optimization. He has been the Teaching Assistant for this NPTEL course from 2019.