Learn to approach your acting in both a structured and creative way

If you’d like to become an actor, or are interested in the self-knowledge that comes with acting, this three-week course from Luleå University of Technology is for you.

You’ll work through the fundamental challenges that actors face, and get a basic foundation in the craft of acting. By the end of this course, you’ll be ready to study acting further, having taken your creativity to new heights.

Learn the basic principles of acting

This course starts with the fundamentals of acting. You’ll analyse scenes from the point of view of the actor, and explore some of the key elements to a spontaneous delivery.

You’ll also have the chance to review and reflect on the work of other actors, gaining more insight into what creates an organic performance.

Hone your unique artistic instincts

Once you’re familiar with the general basics of acting, this course will become like your own personal acting coach. The activities will show you how to listen to your scene partner and understand your character’s objectives and relationships.

You’ll see how to use characters’ actions and behaviours to break down a scene, approach the rehearsal process, and ultimately deliver an authentic performance. Most importantly, you’ll get to immediately apply what you learn to a role of your own.

Approach acting and overall creativity in a structured, productive way

The lead educator is an experienced acting coach and, with the support of Luleå University of Technology, will help you develop ways of working to put your focus outside of yourself and, in the process, learn more about the character you’re playing.

Whether you’re starting your journey to becoming the best actor you can be or looking to nourish your creative spirit, you can be sure that your art and creativity will be improved through this course.

This course is designed for anyone interested in the art of acting, including current students, those looking into studying, professional actors who want to review the basics, and individuals who want to learn more about the acting process.