Introduction to Accounting and Finance for Civil Engineers

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With the changing paradigm of the construction industry, and introduction of different contracting models, with the government trying to play more of a regulatory role and withdrawing from financial commitments, and the space being occupied by financial institutions, civil engineers in the modern day are expected to be familiar with basic accounting and finance. This aspect is almost completely missing from any curriculum in civil engineering and hence there is a need to make relevant material available in an online course, which students and practicing engineers can refer to at their convenience.Regular assignments and a final test will also be uploaded along with solutions as may be required.
INTENDED AUDIENCE :Undergraduate and graduate students of civil engineering are the primary targeted audience.
Young practicing engineers and engineering students from other departments may also find it very usefulPREREQUISITES :NILINDUSTRY SUPPORT :All construction and consulting companies in the area of planning, design and construction of infrastructure
projects. The material will also be useful for companies engaged in BOOT and other models of working with
projects, especially in the highway sector.