Introducing z/OS UNIX System Services

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  • z/OS UNIX Course Overview
    • This course describes how open standards are implemented in a z/OS system by z/OS UNIX. UNIX System Services are introduced, and the role of z/OS as a server in the open systems environment is discussed. This is an introductory level course. It provides an overview of z/OS UNIX System Services (usually abbreviated to z/OS UNIX) as seen by the user. Details of installation and implementation for system programmers are not covered in this course. After completing this course, you should be competent in the following objectives:
  • Introduction to z/OS UNIX
    • This unit provides an overview of the components of a UNIX system.
  • Hierarchical File System
    • This unit describes the implementation of the hierarchical file system in z/OS UNIX.
  • z/OS UNIX shell and utilities
    • This unit describes the use of the z/OS UNIX shell and utilities.

  • z/OS UNIX shell commands
    • This unit discusses some of the more basic commands. (Note: Commands here are not (z/OS) operator commands; commands here are solely related to the UNIX shell interface.)
  • Working in Shell
    • This unit discusses basic usage of the shell.
  • Functions in z/OS UNIX
    • This unit discusses UNIX processes along with program execution, pipes, and threads.
  • Working with the z/OS UNIX Environment
    • This unit covers some of the environments of z/OS UNIX. The language environment, debugging, and callable services are discussed.