Intro to Watercolor Florals in Procreate

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If you’ve ever wondered if it was really, actually possible to replicate the look of traditional watercolor on an iPad in Procreate, you’ve come to the right place.

In intro to Watercolor Florals in Procreate, you’ll learn how to take the wet on dry traditional watercolor painting method and apply it to two full watercolor projects. 

In Project 1, you’ll create basic, beginner friendly floral doodles, perfect for social media icons and logos.

In Project 2, we create a loose style watercolor wildflower bouquet from scratch, walking through tricks to create a visually balanced - uncrowded, but full - bouquet every time.

This course includes 4 custom watercolor brushes and both project color palettes, all free with your enrollment.

In order to successfully complete this course, you’ll need any iPad that supports pressure sensitivity, the Procreate app with version 5 or newer installed and a stylus that’s compatible with your iPad. 

If you’re ready to save on art supplies and paint in a world with more vibrant colors, hit enroll and start creating your own beautiful watercolor florals in Procreate.