Intro to Package Design: Creativity, Print Production, and Hot Sauce

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In this class I go over the basics of package design so you understand things like branding, hierarchy, legibility, consistency across products, and everything you need to get started in the world of print production.

In this class we go over:

- The importance of generating ideas and sketching BEFORE looking at inspiration or competitors

- Setting up your artboard with bleed and safety margins

- A real world example of how bleed works

- Using Nutrition Facts and barcodes

- Font and image licensing

- File organization

- Setting up your final file for print

- And more!

What you can use:

Knowing how to properly setup a file with bleed and prepare it for print is the basis for most design work you'll do in Adobe Illustrator. Therefore you'll learn good practice tips to make sure you know the ins and outs so you can be confident in your process when dealing with printers or clients.

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Thanks! I hope you all enjoy the class.