Intro to Graphite Pencil Drawing

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Learn to draw a simple image using Graphite Pencils. The skills you will gain in this class: 

  • Drawing a simple image from a photograph
  • Applying graphite to represent different values (lightness and darkness)
  • Creating textures
  • Measuring methods
  • Improving drawing accuracy

In this course, you will learn how to accurately draw from a simple reference photo using a range of graphite pencils, and I hope you will have fun doing it. It's meant to be lighthearted, but also with focus on precision in order to furnish you with a new set of tools for your toolbox.

You will be carefully supported and guided through the entire process, from discussing which materials you will need and how to select them, to set-up, then onto accurate measuring in order to replicate the image realistically.  From there we will walk through how to add value including shading and mark-making, in a way that allows for the entire image to be built up simultaneously, resulting in a cohesive, rich and beautifully finished drawing.  When we are finished, you will walk away with a new set of skills you can use to create more beautiful drawings.

My hope is that you find the process and outcome as enriching as I do, and that it both ignites and feeds a spark of creativity for you.  Enjoy and be merry!