Interview Research and Preparation

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  • Welcome
    • This module introduces you to the specialization, giving you background and an overview of what you will learn in the weeks ahead.
  • Researching Yourself
    • In this module, you'll begin developing your individual strategy to guide your job search, from picking a career direction to measuring effectiveness of your search.
  • Discovering Your Transferable Skills
    • In this module, you'll learn how to develop and apply an important strategy used in the English-language world to communicate core competencies to a prospective employer.
  • Improving Your English Pronunciation
    • In this module, you'll learn how to control your use of intonation and rhythm in spoken English. These dynamics do more to improve your comprehensibility than any other feature of the spoken language.
  • Becoming a More Efficient Language Learner
    • In this module, you'll learn strategies you can adopt to becoming a more fluent and more confident speaker of English.