Internet of Things Capstone: Build a Mobile Surveillance System

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  • Introduction
    • Welcome to the Internet of Things! Before diving into this course give us a chance to let you know what it is all about! We will walk you through a module by module outline that will give you highlights on the interesting aspects of the course.
  • Capstone, Part 1 - Getting ready
    • This section will go over the approach our team took while setting up the Capstone project. Here you will see some diagrams, as well as the system components which were used to build our entire systems. We offer recommendations, highlights and examples as to how you can reduce or expand on the project we provide as a template.
  • Capstone, Part 2 - Getting set up
    • In this module you will get to see everything! All of the components we purchased for our project as well as some alternative that might help you cut the price or increase the power of your own system. Once we look at everything we will be using to build our system, we will quickly put it together and test it outside in the sun.
  • Final - The last module
    • This module consists of a peer review assignment with two submission requirements. Please read the peer review assignment carefully and submit the required files for review from your classmates. We here look forward to seeing all of the exiting projects you come up with! Remember: If there are any questions, comments, concerns, or if you would just like to show off some pictures or videos, please go to the discussion section and post. I am sure your classmates would love to help and/or hear about your project.