International Women’s Health and Human Rights

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  • Introduction
  • Women's Rights = Human Rights
    • Learning the basics of women's rights and human rights. Why do we use the lens of human rights to examine women's issues?
  • Education
  • Childhood & Adolescence: Female Genital Mutilation
  • Childhood & Adolescence: HIV/AIDS
  • Reproductive Health
  • Engage Your Community - Assignment #1
    • One of two special assignments that will take you out to interact with members of your community
  • Violence Against Women in the Home and Community
  • Women in War and Refugee Settings
  • Women's Quest to Escape Poverty: Work & Economic Empowerment
  • Women's Quest to Escape Poverty: Sex Work & Sex Trafficking
  • Women, Aging, and End of Life
  • Engage Your Community - Assignment #2
    • Second of two special assignments where you engage with members of your community
  • Choosing Priorities, Making a Difference