International Travel Preparation, Safety, & Wellness

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  • Nuts and Bolts of Travel Preparation
    • In this module, we'll go over the basics of preparation, planning, documentation, and insurance. Thinking ahead about all of the elements you'll need is an essential part of the process.
  • Travel Health & Prevention
    • It's easier to stay healthy if you know how to anticipate potential challenges, minimize your risk, and access the care that you need.
  • Staying Safe
    • In this module, we'll cover strategies for staying safe while traveling, measures you can take to minimize risk, as well as specific advice for women and LGBT travelers.
  • Cultural Competence & Ethics
    • In this final module, we'll address matters of cultural competence and the ethics of travel. Travelers have responsibilities to the people who live and work in the countries they are visiting, and it is important to keep th