International Nuclear Law: Advanced Concepts

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  • Nuclear Facilities
    • In this module we will discuss the basics of a nuclear facility safety – the definition, objective, scope, and general requirements for it. We will look at the roles and obligations of regulatory authorities and operating organizations and briefly touch on radioactive waste and accident prevention.
  • Regulatory body and its functions
    • In module 2 we will discuss the role of the regulatory body and especially its licensing function in a bit more detail; we will also take a look at the inspection and enforcement functions of the regulatory body.
  • International system of radiation protection
    • For over 60 years, the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP), a private organization, has developed recommendations in the area of radiation protection. The Basic Safety Standards were published by the IAEA and represent a broad international consensus on the appropriate handling of radioactive sources. In the module 3 we will talk about the International system of radiation protection.
  • Transportation of nuclear and radioactive material
    • Today we will talk about the transport of nuclear and radioactive material and emergency preparedness. Let us take a closer look at the legal means of ensuring the safe transport of radioactive material.
  • Safeguards and export and import control
    • In the module 5 we will talk about the safeguards and export and import control in nuclear law. The official definition of International safeguards, as implemented by the IAEA, represents the key means of verifying the compliance by States with commitments not to use nuclear material or technology to develop nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices.
  • Export and import controls and physical protection
    • Let us continue with our discussion of export and import controls and take a look at the key elements of its legislation.