International Marketing Entry and Execution

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  • B2C (Business to Consumer) Marketing
    • During Week 1, we will focus on B2C Marketing which stands for Business-to-Consumer Marketing. We start the week by learning about CSI which here stands for Consumer Science Investigation. We then learn about other facets of consumer behavior in international marketing. Moreover, the Vision-Strategy-Action framework and its examples will be applied to B2C marketing. Learners will also be introduced to an under-represented target in international marketing- the Bottom of the Pyramid. Finally, the week is rounded out by interviews with B2C marketing specialists to let learners know the B2C trends such as technological developments that aid in understanding consumers.
  • Entry, Targeting and Positioning
    • During Week 2, we start from a macro analytical view of how to determine a market landing strategy and an initial launch in foreign markets. Then the course will narrow down the focus to a micro analytical approach – the STPs of marketing – Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning. For segmentation, several segmentation bases will be introduced. For targeting, the target selection process and basic target market criteria will be discussed. For positioning, we will learn the effect of the 3Cs, i.e. how Consumers, Competitors and Company impact the positioning when we want to achieve the ultimate Noon Nopi.
  • Marketing Mix and Cross Country & Cross Industry Growth
    • Week 3 will introduce learners to the four major elements of marketing execution, the 4Ps, i.e. product, promotion, price and place. At the start of each video, the fundamental concept of each P will be explained. Then, the concept of each P will be expanded in terms of their Cross Country and Cross Industry (i.e. CCCI) Innovation implications. In addition, the learner will understand how one element of can be symbiotically related to the other elements.
  • 7S of International Marketing Innovation
    • Week 4 will explain the ‘out of the box’ thinking for marketing in terms of the 7S's of Marketing Innovation: Social Marketing, Small Marketing, Simple Marketing, Skip Marketing, Sports Marketing, Screen Marketing and Set Marketing. Here too we will examine their CCCI Innovation implications.