International Logistics: A Beginner’s Guide to Logistics Management

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Explore the opportunities and challenges of international logistics

On this two-week course, you’ll delve into the key concepts surrounding international logistics, the opportunities that arise with this type of management, as well as how to overcome logistical challenges.

This course from Coventry University is part of the International Logistics ExpertTrack, exploring the importance of international logistics from a strategic perspective.

Understanding logistics management across international borders

Using real-life case studies, you’ll look at several examples of international logistics management.

You’ll develop your understanding of the effects of international trade on logistics and learn how you can minimise risks in your processes.

Learn logistics concepts including customer service logistics

As you explore the main concepts and activities within international logistics, you’ll learn what to consider in your management process.

You’ll also discover how to evaluate and ensure logistics quality to minimise the risk of damaging your reputation through a poor standard of delivery.

Within this, you’ll develop your understanding of customer service and why it is important in your logistics process.

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to identify the risks associated with international logistics as well as how to make the most of the opportunities that come with this process.

This course is designed for business professionals looking to develop their understanding of international logistics and its concepts.