International Cyber Conflicts

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  • Introduction to Cybercrime
    • This module is intended to introduce you to a set of actors and motivations in the area of cyber security. After this module you will be able to identify the different threat actors and the different types of cybercrime. You will also be able to provide some preliminary analysis of cybercrime by understanding basic psychological mechanisms of motivation.
  • Internet Governance
    • This module covers technical aspects of the Internet and the domain name system, and efforts toward internet governance. After this module you should be able to define main components of the Internet infrastructure, identify the main issues in governance and compare different approaches to international internet policy.
  • Cyberwarfare and International Conflicts
    • In this module we cover the main types of attacks, actors and conflicts that may be considered aspects of cyberwarfare. After this module you will recognize the different types of cyber threats and the modes of attacks and discuss the motivations of state and non-state actors in this domain.
  • Cyberwarfare and International Law
    • This modules covers political theories and legal arrangements pertinent to cyber security. After this module you will be able to describe principles of just war, basic aspects of International Humanitarian Law and treaties. You will be able to evaluate the particularities of dealing with states and non-state actors and the potential international solutions.
  • Interpersonal Trust and Trust among Nations
    • This module deals more specifically with psychological explanations for individual trust and trust among nations. After this module you will be able to explain how people react in situations of giving and of trust. You will also be able to identify and discuss how confidence building measures may be applied in the domain of cyber security.