International career planning: resume/CV, cover letter, interview

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In modern conditions of globalization, specialists in various fields of activity require knowledge of professional mobility.
On average, a person will change 5-7 jobs during his professional career. About 30% of the workforce changes jobs once a year. Every 30 inhabitants of our planet live outside the country where they were born. Many dream of a change of residence, but the competition between people who want to get a decent job in international companies is extremely high.
Our online course will help to make your dream a reality, give you the necessary knowledge to move to another country, successfully write documents for a job, and help you make a sure step towards your dream.
Within 4 weeks, students will learn how to make a recruiter enjoy reading a resume, write motivational letters without errors, and prepare for an interview. The tips and examples presented in our course will help students, graduates and professionals.