Intermediate PostgreSQL

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Build on your basic PostgreSQL skills and take your programming career further

This four-week course from the University of Michigan forms part of the series on Python and PostgreSQL and directly follows the introductory course on database design and basic SQL.

You’ll learn intermediate PostgreSQL concepts, building on the foundational knowledge of the previous course.

By the end, you’ll be able to use the PostgreSQL RDBMS to create efficient, robust databases for all your Python programming projects.

Level up your PostgreSQL abilities

You’ll tap into the fundamentals that you already know about this RDBMS as you learn to utilise SQL commands to edit tables in PostgreSQL databases and to produce normalised tables from CSV files.

You’ll also be guided on inserting data into a database, creating stored procedures, identifying hashtag algorithms, and constructing regular expressions to select rows that match a pattern.

Get first-hand experience with SQL commands

Like the other courses in this series, you’ll be able to practice the concepts and skills that you’re learning with engaging assignments.

The combination of theory and hands-on training means you can understand and then apply the material, preparing you for whatever real-life work situation you find yourself in.

Trust the University of Michigan to develop your PostgreSQL skills

Besides Michigan University’s tradition of academic excellence and support, the course itself has been designed by seasoned PostgreSQL experts.

The result is a course that is as engaging as it is effective. You can rest assured that it will equip you with what you need to take your programming career further.

This course is designed for programmers with a background in Python, who would like to take their PostgreSQL skills to the next level. Prior completion of the previous course on basic SQL will be very valuable.