Intercultural Education through the metaverse

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The course "Intercultural Education" provides a unique and experiential approach to understanding complex issues such as identity, culture, prejudice, stereotypes, and connections between different groups in a global world. Through virtual worlds, interactive videos, and forums with students from diverse cultures and geographic areas, students gain a deeper understanding of intercultural education and develop multicultural consciousness as educators and members of society.

Each study unit will involve reading academic literature and group discussions to broaden perspectives on multiculturalism and cultural diversity in education.

  • The course will explore personal and group identity, and the connection between our identities and society.
  • Students will examine whether multiculturalism is an existing fact or a value in society, and learn about its benefits.
  • The course will delve into the dilemmas of multiculturalism in the global world, and expose students to different perspectives on these issues.
  • Empathy and how to foster it between different cultural groups will be studied.
  • Multiculturalism in classrooms will be considered, including the tendency to divide into categories and ways to address this.
  • Perspectives on language, the mother tongue, and the connection between language and culture will be discussed.
  • The course will also examine multiculturalism in the world today.


The course will culminate in an escape room activity in a virtual world that reviews the material covered throughout the course.