Interactomics : Basics & Applications

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Proteins are the key effectors of any living system and are largely responsible for the functioning of a cell. Intricate cell signaling and molecular triggers are dependent on interactions involving proteins at the cellular level. It is due to this very reason that, in an age where clinical biology is thriving to make an impact in global health-care and biomedical diagnostics, there has been a surge of interest in the area of Interactomics. Interactomics essentially involves the study of interactions between biomolecules, particularly proteins and the consequences of those interactions in a biosystem.
Due to rapidly evolving technological platforms in biology, there is a need to keep pace with latest developments in field to explore their versatile applications. Interactions resulting from protein-protein, protein-peptide, protein-RNA, protein-DNA or protein- small molecule have immense application in life-sciences and translational biology. Through this course, we aim to provide an interface between distinguished scientists involved in interactomics research, industrial partners, faculties and students. This course would feature an intensive lecture series followed by some demonstrations designed to provide the much needed training required to explore the endless possibilities in interactomics research using genomics and proteomics approach, that can be useful for a researcher at any stage.
Various technology platforms such as Protein microarrays, Label-free biosensors and Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) Technology will be discussed. The students/participants will gain exposure to the above mentioned technologies and its applications from some of the experts in the field, from both- academia and industry perspective. INTENDED AUDIENCE : Biology or biotechnology background students having interest in latest technologies, (BE/B.Tech) Biotechnology Students, B.Sc. students science background but course is open to allPREREQUISITES : NoneINDUSTRY SUPPORT : GE Healthcare, Pall Life Sciences, Thermofisher Scientific, Illumina