Integrating Test-Driven Development into Your Workflow

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  • Refactoring Legacy Code
    • Legacy code is code written by others that’s inherited by a team or programmer. The issue working with legacy code is that it can often be difficult and time consuming to update and maintain. Learn some proven techniques on how to refactor your legacy code with the help of agile methodologies such as unit tests and test driven development.
  • Continuous Integration in Action
    • Continuous integration (CI) is a pillar in modern software development. It’s the process in which a code base is rapidly developed during the course of the business day.
  • The Art of Continuous Delivery and Deployment
    • Continuous delivery is taking the steps to be able to have your software delivered at any time. It’s similar to continuous deployment with the distinction that it is manual as opposed to automated. In this section we’ll take a closer look at continuous delivery and how it intertwines with a related concept of continual deployment.
  • Exception Handling in Python
    • Exception handling is a way for coders to help make their code less vulnerable to errors. A proactive developer will consider invalid input that a user may enter into a program and process this error gracefully.