Integrating Scripts for Scene Interactions

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  • UI Design
    • Welcome to the course. In this first section, you’ll be introduced to the Challenge/Solution format of this course, then start work implementing some of the User Interface elements for the Kitchen Configurator project.
  • Adding Interactivity
    • Next, you’ll help wire up the UI that you built in the last exercise to scripts provided by a programmer on the project. By the end of this section, you’ll have a working UI that allows you to switch out kitchen components and materials at the touch of a button.
  • Interpreting for XR Development
    • The Kitchen Configurator application would look great in VR. In this section, you’ll adjust the UI to work more comfortably for users experiencing the application in VR.
  • Course Final Project
    • For the final project work on the Kitchen Configurator project, you’ll work on an alternative visual design for the UI. You’ll have to implement the design and wire up the scripts just as before. You’ll submit your work in this section for review and grading by your peers.