Integrated Waste Management for a Smart City

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Week 1: Introduction to Solid Waste ManagementWeek 2: Municipal Solid Waste Characteristics and QuantitiesWeek 3: MSW Rules 2016, Swachh Bharat Mission and Smart Cities ProgramWeek 4: Municipal Solid Waste Collection, Transportation, Segregation and ProcessingWeek 5: Disposal of Municipal Solid Waste: LandfillWeek 6: Biochemical Processes and CompostingWeek 7: Energy Recovery from Municipal Solid WasteWeek 8: Current Issues in Solid Waste Management and Review of MSW Management Status in First List of 20 Smart Cities in the CountryWeek 9: Construction and Demolition (C&D) Waste Management - OverviewWeek 10: C&D Waste – Regulation, Beneficial Reuse of C&D Waste MaterialsWeek 11: Electronic Waste (E-Waste) Management – Issues and Status in India and GloballyWeek 12: E-Waste Management Rules 2016 and Management Challenges