Integrated Circuits, MOSFETs, Op-Amps and their Applications

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This course is a design-oriented course aimed at understanding fabrication, parameters, and specifications of integrated circuits, MOSFETs, Op-Amps as well as their applications in the Analog domain. Below are some of the course outcomes.
  • To understand and analyze the Op-Amps.
  • The ability to understand the IC Technology and equipment used in fabrication.
  • To understand feedback techniques and types of Noise.
  • Ability to design amplifiers using Op-Amps.
  • Ability to analyze and design filters using Op-Amps,
  • To develop the skill to build and troubleshoot Analog circuits
INTENDED AUDIENCE : Engineering Students, Faculty from Engineering CollegesPREREQUISITES : B.Tech./B.E./M.Sc. and M.Tech./M.E.INDUSTRY SUPPORT : NIL