The course on Instructional Design will help the learner understand the concept of Instructional designand the use of technology and multimedia as tools to enhance instruction.

This course on Instructional Design helps the Learner to develop an understanding of history and evolutionof Instructional Design, Principles and characteristics of the design and development of instructionalmaterial, the various competencies and skills in Instructional Design, design and development of e-learningmaterials and modes and models of Instructional Design and the role of teacher as an effective designer.

This course is part of approved University level curriculum for Master in Education(M.Ed.). It can be takenby students at any level of teacher education and in service teachers of different faculties. It will enablethem to master all the ideas of Instructional Design.

Through the course you will learn and understand the creation of instructional experiences which makes theacquisition of knowledge and skill more efficient, effective and appealing.