Innovation: From Plan to Product

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Week 1: Why do innovations fail?
Analyze the factors that lead to the failure of innovation

Week 2: Business models and innovation
Explain and apply the role of the business model in capturing value from innovation

Week 3: Value chains and Industry Networks
Introduce value chains and their use for innovation including within industry networks and multi-business projects

Week 4: Designing and testing innovation options
Identify how design thinking can help innovation, including technologies that can be used during the designing and testing of innovation concepts

Week 5: Managing for now and the future
Describe how portfolio approaches can be used to scale up innovation

Week 6: Introduction to valuing innovation
Introduce valuation, discounted and dynamic cash flow modeling and the relationship between financial tools and innovation

Week 7: Managing implementation projects
Outline project management tools for use in innovation projects including stage gate, network and knowledge management

Week 8: Structured problem solving for planning
Demonstrate competence in adapting and applying the strategic and operational managerial frameworks and tools necessary for innovation

Week 9: Business plans
Identify the value of innovation business plans

Week 10: Managing uncertainty and risk in innovation
Explain how organizations respond to shifting workplace dynamics, customer expectations or technological advances