Innovation, Business Models and Entrepreneurship

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Week 1: Analyzing the Current Business Scenario, Innovation and Creativity- An Introduction, Innovation in Current Environment, Types of Innovation , School of Innovation.
Week 2: Challenges of Innovation,Steps of Innovation Management,Idea Management System,Divergent V/s Convergent Thinking,Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship
Week 3: Experimentation in Innovation Management, Idea Championship,Participation for Innovation, Co-creation for Innovation, Proto typing to Incubation.
Week 4: What is a Business Model,Who is an Entrepreneur,Social Entrepreneurship,Blue Ocean Strategy-I,Blue Ocean Strategy-II
Week 5: Marketing of Innovation, Technology Innovation Process, Technological Innovation Management Planning, Technological Innovation Management Strategies, Technology Forecasting.
Week 6: Sustainability Innovation and Entrepreneurship,Innovation Sustainable Conditions,Innovation: Context and Pattern,SME’S strategic involvement in sustainable development,Exploration of business models for material efficiency services
Week 7: Management of Innovation, creation of IPR ,Management of Innovation, creation of IPR,Types of IPR,Patents and Copyrights, Patents in India
Week 8: Business Models and value proposition, Business Model Failure: Reasons and Remedies, Incubators : Business Vs Technology, Managing Investor for Innovation , Future markets and Innovation needs for India.