Innovation and Information Technology Management

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Week 1:Managing competition with IT
  • Competing with IT
  • Properties of digital goods
  • Network effects
  • Case study on competing with IT

Week 2:Managing digital networks and digital security
  • Digital networks
  • Digital security
  • Case study on net neutrality

Week 3:Managing Innovations with IT
  • Moore's Law
  • Innovating with IT
  • Evolving IT innovations
  • Decisions to be made
  • Case study on managing innovations with IT

Week 4:
Managing software development
  • Making software the old-fashioned way
  • Why managing software projects is hard
  • New breed of software development methods
  • Case study on managing software development

Week 5:Managing outside innovation
  • Crowd-sourcing software
  • Managing open source innovation
  • Managing outside innovation
  • Case study on managing outside innovation

Week 6:Managing ethical and social issues
  • Managing ethical issues
  • Managing social issues
  • Innovating to stay green
  • ICT for development