Innovating with the Business Model Canvas

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  • Focusing for Profitability and Growth
    • How do you avoid the distractions that keep companies from innovating their way to organic growth? The best recipe is a hyper focus on finding product/market fit and scaling it. Fortunately, the Canvas is a great way to create that focus. We’ll start the course by looking at the jobs you do for customers and how your particular propositions drive revenue. We’ll also look at how you link those with focused customer journeys to keep these customer-centric linkages healthy and growing.
  • How do you focus your capabilities and organization to maximize profitability?
    • How do you develop the team(s) and capabilities you need to find your next big thing? And then scale it before your competition catches up? This week, you’ll learn how to focus your capabilities and assets on delivering to the customer. In particular, we’ll look at three core business model types which have distinct implications for where you should focus your organization with regard to Key Activities, Key Resources, and Key Partners.