Innovating with Data and Google Cloud

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  • Introduction
    • Welcome to Innovating with Data and Google Cloud! In this module, you'll meet the instructor, learn about the course content, and how to get started.
  • Module 1: The Value of Data
    • Data is key to digital transformation. In fact, capturing, managing, and leveraging data is central to redefining customer experience and creating new value in almost every industry. This module begins by exploring the value of data for enabling digital transformation, followed by a breakdown of the different types of data and considerations for collecting, storing, and processing data when using cloud technology.
  • Module 2: Data Consolidation and Analytics
    • This module introduces key terms that are related to data management and highlights the benefits of migrating data to the cloud. It offers several customer uses cases along with relevant Google Cloud data management solutions. It concludes with a review of key products such as BigQuery and Looker that enable users to draw insights from their data.
  • Module 3: Innovation with Machine Learning
    • Data analytics has historically been about understanding what has already happened in the past. With advancements in cloud technology, and the availability of digital devices, we're generating volumes of data everyday. This module explores the capabilities of machine learning and what becomes possible with volumes of data. It builds on the previous module by explaining ways a machine can learn to predict, categorize, and recommend based on lots and lots of data. Throughout the module, you'll uncover examples of customers who have used machine learning to bring innovative solutions to their customers.
  • Summary
    • This module provides a summary of the key points covered in each module and steps you can take to continue your learning.