Initiating and Planning Projects

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  • Get Started!
    • Get started in this module by reviewing the course overview and participating in the course survey.
  • What is a Project?
    • In this module, we will identify the key characteristics of a project, identify primary project constraints, define the role and responsibilities of the project manager, and identify Project Organizational Structures.
  • Get to Know your Stakeholders
    • In this module, we will understand the definition of a project stakeholder, identify who they are, identify their information needs, and define responsibility for managing stakeholders and controlling their engagement.
  • Scope Matters
    • In this module, we will define the purpose of using a project charter, summarize the key elements of a project plan, and discuss the scope statement and the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).
  • Authority vs. Influence
    • In this module, we will describe the difference between authority and influence and identify common sources of conflict within a project environment.
  • Wrap Up
    • Wrap up this course by meeting our industry expert panelists, taking the final exam, and participating in our post course survey.