Infrastructure Development PPPs and Regulation

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Week 1: Introduction to Infrastructure Development

• Introduction• Characteristics of Infrastructure• Drivers for Commercial Outlook• Implications of Commercialization

Week 2: Project Structuring
• Introduction• Cost, Returns and Bundling/Unbundling• Case I: Delhi Metro Airport Express Line• Case II: RSWC and SSLL: PPP in Agri-Warehousing• Conclusion

Week 3: Appraisal, Risk Assessment and Risk Management

• Introduction• Case I: Yamuna Expressway• Case II: Kutch Railway Company Limited• Conclusion

Week 4: Tendering and Bidding

• Introduction• Case I: GMR KUAEL: The Longest Road PPP• Case II: Airport Privatization: Bidding Process for Delhi and Mumbai• Case III: AAI Bidding for Bogapuram Airport: From Authority to Bidder• Case IV: Effect of Legal Issues in Infrastructure Development: The Case of Container Terminal Bids in Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust• Conclusion

Week 5: Legally Tenable Concession Agreements and Post Project Ownership

• Introduction• Case I: LTTIL: Coimbatore Bypass Project• Case II: Evolution of Model Concession Agreement for National Highways in India• Post Project Ownership• Conclusion

Week 6: Regulatory and Dispute Resolution Framework and Conclusion

• Regulatory and Dispute Resolution Framework• Conclusion