Information Security and Cyber Forensics

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Information and Technology are not only words now, today these two words are drivers of change and growth throughout the world. Today’s society is knowledge driven society, in which technology is used as tool for creating, sharing and preserving knowledge. Information Technology along with communication technology (ICT) has become the backbone of socio economic activities and development.

Digital India movement of the government has given an additional pace to penetration of ICT in the Indian society. With the use of internet, the world has now become a single village.

Every development activity has its own cost and ICT is also not aloof of that. Internet and ICT has opened new ways of crime and the risk is increasing with the advancement and use of technology.

There is an utmost need to increase awareness and imparting skills, in the Indian society, on the issues in the domain of Information Security. There is a need to understand the relationship of information security, digital forensics and cyber laws.

This course is designed with the aim to create awareness, extend education and prepare the base for further studies in the area of information security, digital forensics and cyber laws.

The course will be focusing on information systems, information security, security threats and risks, computer crimes, data security and backup, importance of digital forensic, issues in computer and mobile forensic and cyber laws in detail.