Indian Agricultural Development

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Descripción del Curso


Week 1:Evolution, Scope and Farmers Traditions of Indian Agriculture
Week 2:Indian Farmers’ Traditions, Beliefs and Practices
Week 3:Importance, Performance and Development of Indian Agriculture
Week 4:Land and Water Resources and Cropping Pattern
Week 5:Plant Genetic Resources and Germplasm Conservation
Week 6:Agricultural Labour, Livestock and Fisheries s Resources
Week 7:Agricultural Credit, Warehousing, Insurance and Public Distribution System
Week 8:Cooperatives and Farmers Organizations
Week 9:Institutional development in Agriculture
Week 10:Capital Formation, Pricing, Taxation and Subsidies in Agriculture
Week 11:Procurement and Distribution of Foodgrains
Week 12:Agricultural Research and Development and Linkages with Other Sub-Systems
Week 13:Diversification in Agriculture
Week 14:Agriculture Industry Interface
Week 15:Issues Related to Trade, Quality, Gender and Sustainability
Week 16:Information and Communication Technology in Agriculture