Inclusive Learning with Microsoft Accessibility Tools

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Learn how to use accessibility tools to create an inclusive learning environment

Integrating accessibility and inclusivity into your teaching practices is crucial if you want to ensure all learners are supported, no matter what their needs.

On this four-week course, you’ll discover the accessibility tools within Office 365 and Windows to help your students access learning more effectively.

With this knowledge, you’ll be able to improve your current inclusivity practices, learn how to check the accessibility of documents, and produce new resources that are inclusive for all learners.

Delve into the uses of accessibility tools including Immersive Reader

You’ll examine a range of accessibility tools within Office 365 to help students who need support with reading, writing, vision, and hearing.

Exploring Reader, Live Captions, and Office Lens, you’ll understand how to access these powerful tools and how to use them in a range of contexts to support learners with various accessibility needs.

Ensure your teaching practices are inclusive and accessible

This course will help you develop in your role as an educator and ensure students can access your learning materials in a way that is tailored to their specific needs.

Learning from the experts at Tablet Academy, you’ll finish the course with the knowledge of how to make your resources more inclusive and have the opportunity to discuss these findings with your peers.

This course is designed for teachers who want to ensure their teaching practices are inclusive for learners of all needs.

You should have some experience of teaching students but no prior knowledge of Microsoft Office 365 is required.

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