Inclusive Learning for Students: Building inclusive practice into your life during higher education, and beyond

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Develop your interpersonal skills in preparation for student life

Inclusive practice is essential to the development of interpersonal skills and reflective thinking used throughout academic and professional life.

On this three-week course from the University of York, you’ll learn to approach student life with an appreciation of the advantages and disadvantages that exist for different groups. This understanding will allow you to communicate in academic and social situations with openness and empathy.

Investigate concepts of inclusive education, including equity and diversity

Fostering an inclusive learning environment within higher education helps to create more welcoming communities, giving individuals a sense of belonging.

On this course, you’ll explore the key principles of inclusive practice. You’ll cover topics including decolonisation, language, the online world, accessibility, and inclusive sustainable living.

Explore how to create more inclusive learning environments in higher education

Inclusive learning can encourage free expression and enrich the whole community.

You’ll learn how you, as a student, can improve inclusive practices across your institution, including diverse curriculum development. With the tools provided in this course, you can put these ideas into practice, through student partnership and engagement.

Examine perspectives on inclusive practice beyond university life

Having explored inclusive practice within higher education settings, you’ll broaden your view and look at global and critical perspectives on inclusion.

This knowledge will prepare you for using your skills, whether in your career or personal life, after graduation.

By the end of this course, you’ll understand the concepts of inclusive practice and be empowered to develop inclusive environments within your higher education journey and beyond.

This course is designed for students studying or intending to study at a higher education level, who want to understand the importance of inclusive practice. It will be particularly enriching for those involved in student outreach, including campaigns and events.