Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, & Access Essentials

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  • Module 1: Diversity, Cultural Humility, and the Awareness Continuum
    • In this module, we will focus on dimensions of diversity, cultural humility, and both self-and other-awareness. You will also have an opportunity to reflect on each topic and check for understanding.
  • Module 2: Bias Awareness and Socialization
    • In this module, we discuss how the processes of socialization and identity development produce biases and suggest strategies for mitigating the impact our biases have on our interactions with others.
  • Module 3: Microaggressions and Inclusive Language
    • In this module, we investigate microaggressions, their impact, and inclusive uses of language that foster belonging.
  • Module 4: Privilege, Advocacy, and Equity
    • In this module, we strategize ways to advocate for equity in our communities through coalition building and accomplice-ship.