Improve Your Java Code Using Amazon CodeGuru

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Learn how to use Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer to automatically identify issues and vulnerabilities to improve your code quality with Improve your Python Code using Amazon CodeGuru. This course is designed for Python developers who are interested in learning how to use CodeGuru Reviewer to save time and improve their code review process.

In this course, you’ll learn how to use CodeGuru Reviewer to detect issues and identify recommendations to improve the quality and security of your code. The course demonstrates how CodeGuru Reviewer finds code anomalies and explains how to understand and apply its automated suggestions.

Developed at the source, this new digital course empowers you to learn about Amazon CodeGuru from the experts at AWS whenever, wherever you want. Advance your skills and knowledge to build your future in the AWS Cloud. Enroll today!

Note: There are two versions of this course: "Improve Your Java Code Using Amazon CodeGuru" for Java developers and "Improve Your Python Code Using Amazon CodeGuru" for Python developers. The courses do for a large part, overlap and in general, we recommend that you take the course that focuses on the SDK you plan to use to develop your AWS Cloud based applications.