Improve Your Intercultural Competence

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Develop your intercultural competence to improve cross-cultural management

According to The Economist, 90% of executives in 68 countries say cross-cultural management is their biggest challenge. Good intercultural communication and an understanding of cultural differences are necessary to navigate the international realities of modern business.

These skills together are defined as intercultural competence.

On this cross-cultural training course, you will develop the skills and knowledge needed to meet the global challenges today’s world presents. You will learn how to succeed in an international business environment, and appreciate the value of cultural differences.

This cross-cultural training course is for anyone looking to improve their intercultural competence.

This could be those directly involved in cross-cultural management. It could be those working in an international business context in which intercultural communication is a day-to-day reality.

Intercultural competence is more widely relevant to a wide range of business functions, including: HR, marketing, IT management, and more.

Students aspiring to work in an environment rich in cultural differences can also benefit. No prior experience is necessary.