Impact from Digital Transformation: Full course

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  • A glimpse on what´s to come
    • Welcome to our course Impact from Digital Transformation! Let's begin with an introduction and take a look at the practical issues which are good to know about.
  • The Why, the How and the What of Digital Transformation
    • In order to understand Digital Transformation, we need to understand the disruptive process. But why does it happen, how does it happen - and what does actually happen?
  • A useful model for handling it
    • In order to be able to do Digital Transformation we need a target to head for. That target needs to be related to the evolving future industrial landscape - not the business landscape we do have today. So therefore, we need a new map to navigate upon and that map will be developed in this module.
  • Not just handling but doing Digital Transformation
    • When we have the new map of the future, we can set targets and take actions in order to get there. In this module we cover how to set a target and what actions matters.
  • Once we are moving again
    • In this module, we cover how the situation might look after this process and gradually start to structure our learnings.
  • When here, you might be the only one who can find this treasure
    • In this module, we extend our learning about how to handle Digital Transformation by looking at how others around us have handled it. This module also includes the final exam.