Identifying, Attracting, and Growing Your Digital Audience

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  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
    • Welcome to Module 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing. In this module we will begin with an exploration of some common digital marketing terms and concepts you should be familiar with, and then we will take a look at the basic structures and models of doing business online. Finally, we will discuss how a brand’s identity and digital presence work together to help you connect with your audience.
  • Identifying & Defining Your Audience
    • Welcome to Module 2: Identifying & Defining Your Audience. In this module we will review strategies for identifying and defining your audience online, and we will explore how to develop an audience persona to represent a segment of your target audience. We will also explore how a well-crafted value proposition can be used to connect with you audience and communicate what makes you distinct from other brands.
  • Attracting & Building Your Audience
    • Welcome to Module 3: Attracting & Building Your Audience. In this module we will review the main stages of the customer's journey and then focus on acquisition strategies for building your audience. We will cover a variety of different acquisition techniques to attract and build your audience, and discuss how a smooth e-commerce experience can ensure that your visitors stay engaged with your website. We will also explore the role of social media in building your audience, and how to use your marketing goals and objectives to select the right platforms.
  • Maintaining & Engaging Your Audience
    • Welcome to Module 4: Maintaining & Engaging Your Audience. In the last module of this course, we will review additional strategies to keep your audience engaged. You’ll have the opportunity to craft a social media strategy designed to build your audience and we will take a close look at how to use social media, mobile marketing, and new technologies to build a relationship with your customers.