Identifying and Responding to Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Healthcare Practice

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Learn how to identify addiction, manage recovery, and lead change

On this course, you’ll receive an overview of approaches to addiction treatment, from detoxification to harm reduction and addiction recovery.

Learning from real life examples, you’ll hear from experienced practitioners around the globe and be introduced to addiction assessment tools. You’ll also learn how to conduct screening and brief interventions, and administer naloxone in the case of an overdose.

This course focuses on approaches to drug and alcohol addiction treatment for nurses and other healthcare professionals. It is suitable for those with some knowledge, as well as those with no prior knowledge or qualifications in addiction.

Improve addiction treatment provision in your practice

The addiction treatment approaches and tools in this course cover the whole lifespan, from expectant mothers to older people. You’ll discover how to safeguard the health and wellbeing of people using substances and explore the role of family members.

Ultimately, you will be able to enhance your own service provision with regard to addiction treatment. You’ll discuss the practicalities of providing specific services and consider the role of leadership in implementing new policies and practices in addiction treatment and recovery.

Learn from leading experts in addiction treatment

This course is delivered by global experts in addiction from Trinity College Dublin, practising addiction nurse and midwife experts, and harm reduction specialists.

Your course creators are pioneers of a new Healthy Addiction Treatment (HAT) recovery model, and you’ll learn more about HAT during the course.

The intention of this course is to improve knowledge of addiction treatment approaches in healthcare, and in the longer term, create more addiction specialists.

This addiction treatment course is aimed at nurses, midwives, and allied health and social care professionals.

No prior experience or qualifications in addiction are required. The course aims to widen understanding of addiction recovery in the sector.