Identification of Children with Visual Impairment and Assessment of Needs

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  Week - I   1. Eye 2. Eye Care 3. Anatomy and Physiology of Human Eye   Week - II   4. Blindness and Low Vision--Definition and Classification 5. Causes of Blindness and Low Vision 6. Myopia   Week- III   7. Presbyopia 8. Hyperopia 9. Astigmatism   Week - IV   10. Other Eye Diseases 11. Psychosocial implications of visual impairment 12. Factors affecting implications of visual impairment: Age of onset, degree of vision, type of vision loss, prognosis, and socio economic status of the family   Week - V   13. Effect of visual impairment on growth and development: Physical, Motor, Language, Socio-emotional, and Cognitive development 14. Effects of Visual Impairment on Personality Development - Verbalism & Mannerism 15. Educational needs of the visually impaired and need for expanded core curriculum   Week - VI   16. Importance of Early Identification and Intervention 17. Identification and Assessment of Visual Impairment 18. Low vison Assessment   Week - VII   19. Interpretation of clinical assessment of vision 20. Tools of functional assessment of vision and skills 21. Report writing   Week - VIII   22. Concept and Definition of Visual Impairment with Multiple Disabilities 23. Concept, Definition and Etiology of VIMD 24. Impact of VIMD on learning and development 25. Screening, Identification, and Assessment of Children with Visual Impairment with Multiple Disabilities