Idea Development: Create and Implement Innovative Ideas

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Module 1
Perspective on how ideas are developed
Discover how entrepreneurs come up with ideas and the processes they use to bring innovative ideas to market

Module 2
Types of innovation
Understand the various innovation typologies based on different dimensions of the innovation space

Module 3
Uncertainty and decision making
Gain an understanding of uncertainty and how it influences strategic decision making

Module 4
Discovery strategies
Learn about the practice of navigating uncertainty to discover new strategies to establish and grow innovation in a corporate setting

Module 5
Knowledge and resources
Appreciate the role resources and capabilities play in the identification of innovative ideas

Module 6
Innovation evaluation and selection
Discover strategies for assessing the feasibility of ideas

Module 7
Protecting intellectual property
Understand the importance of IP, IP protection options (IPRs), selecting the right option, managing IP generation

Module 8
Commercialization feasibility
Unpack the 12-step framework for assessing commercialization feasibility

Module 9
Motivation, commitment and resilience
Understand the importance of knowing when to abandon an idea, contingency planning and resilience

Module 10
Maintaining motivation
Discover strategies for maintaining motivation when learning from setbacks