IC Engines and Gas Turbines

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This course deals with the gas power cycles. One part of the course is on IC engines and it focuses onthe thermodynamic cycles for different fuels suitable for automobiles. Other part of the course hasemphasis on thermodynamic cycle of aircraft engines and the components of the aircraft engine. Thusthis course would provide an understanding on electricity generation or transportation applicationusing gas as working medium.

INTENDED AUDIENCE : Undergraduate students of Mechanical/Chemical/Aerospace engg. (5 thsemester onwards) and postgraduate students specializing inthethermofluids/FluidMechanics/Aerospace/Automobiles;industrypersonnel associated with automobile and aerospace
engineering;faculty membersassociated with Mechanical/Chemical/Aerospaceengg.PREREQUISITES : Basic UG-level Fluid Mechanics and ThermodynamicsINDUSTRY SUPPORT : Tata Motors, Ashok Layland, General Electric