IBM Data Privacy for Information Architecture

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  • IBM DataFirst Data Privacy introduction
    • This week you will meet some of the course experts and receive an introduction to data privacy and the IBM DataFirst method.
  • Data governance and organizational structures
    • This week you will learn the importance of a sound and supporting set of governance and execution oriented organizational structures and roles for successfully supporting a data privacy objective.
  • Dealing with regulation
    • This week you will learn about the growing focus, world-wide, on data privacy rights and regulations that have been and continue to be enacted to protect the privacy of personal data and personal sensitive data.
  • Data governance intersections
    • This week you will learn about data governance and its relation to data privacy objectives.
  • Data privacy vs security
    • This week you will learn about the differences between data privacy and data security. You will also learn how privacy and security are complements of the same objective of data protection.
  • Data privatization mechanisms
    • This week you will learn about the typical categories of data privatization techniques that are applied to personal data to help make it "non-personal" and review how they might be combined to protect personal data based on the respective data and use case.
  • Conducting the workshop
    • This week you will learn the approach used in conducting a DataFirst workshop focused on a Data Privacy objective. The material should also prove useful for any organization that is about to undertake their own data focused projects with a data privacy oriented goal.