IBM Data Analyst Capstone Project

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  • Data Collection
    • Data Collection is the first step in solving any analysis problem and can be collected in many formats and from many sources. In the first module of the Capstone, we will collect data by scraping the internet and using web APIs.
  • Data Wrangling
    • In this module, you will be focusing on the cleaning of your dataset with various techniques. With these techniques you will be identifying duplicate rows, finding missing values, and normalizing the data.
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
    • In this module, begin working with the cleaned dataset from the previous module. You will now begin to analyze the dataset to find the distribution of data, presence of outliers and the correlation between different columns.
  • Data Visualization
    • In module 4 of the Capstone, you will be required to create visualizations using the developer survey data. The visualizations you create should highlight the distribution of data, relationships between data, the composition of data, and comparison of data.
  • Building A Dashboard
    • In this module, you will create a dashboard using IBM Cognos Analytics. This platform will give you the ability to create various charts while assembling a dashboard that is appealing and easy to understand. Your dashboard will contain your data analysis, which should be intuitive and allow for the drill-down of data.
  • Final Assignment: Present Your Findings
    • You have analyzed the data in the previous modules, and now it is time to demonstrate your storytelling skills. In this module, you will create a compelling story that helps to clarify your analysis in an easy-to-understand presentation.