Hydrogen Energy: Production, Storage, Transportation and Safety

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Week 1: Physical and chemical properties of hydrogen, fuel properties, Global and Indian status on hydrogen, Different ways of Hydrogen Production Week 2:Steam Reforming, Sorption Enhanced Reforming and Hydrogen Membrane Reforming; Partial Oxidation – Catalytic and non-catalytic partial oxidation processes, Autothermal Reforming Week 3:Combined Reforming, Carbon di oxide Reforming, Plasma Reforming, Steam Iron Process Week 4:Non-oxidative methods of hydrogen production – Thermal decomposition, Catalytic methane decomposition, plasma assisted decomposition and others Week 5:Hydrogen production from coal and biomass Week 6:Electrolysis fundamentals and various types of Electrolyzers, Hydrogen production from renewables Week 7:Hydrogen Separation and Purification – different methods, Hydrogen storage fundamentals Week 8:Compressed and liquid state storage of hydrogen- thermodynamics, equipment and processes; storage tanks requirements and current state of art Week 9:Solid state hydrogen storage, materials for storage, requirements for storage materials, thermodynamics and kinetics of materials, measurement methods of hydrogen storage in different materials, hydrogen storage systems Week 10:Hydrogen Transport - different ways of transporting and distributing hydrogen to the point of utilization, current status of existing methods globally, hydrogen refueling stations-concepts and components Week 11:Hydrogen Utilization for various applications including sectors like transportation, energy storage, industrial and space applications; various energy conversion devices, current state of art of each of these technologies Week 12:Hydrogen sensing and safety, Economics of different processes and technologies involved in various aspects of hydrogen