Hydrogen as Energy Vector

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The course provides the fundamentals of the hydrogen technology, using it as a way to store energy. Hydrogen production methods are presented, but more special attention is paid to electrolysis as a mean for producing hydrogen from renewable energies. Hydrogen storage methods are described and it is explained process of electrical energy generation from hydrogen by using fuel cell technology.


Lesson 1 - Hydrogen overview 2020/05/05

Lesson 2 - Hydrogen production ways 2020/05/12

Lesson 3 - Hydrogen production by electrolysis technology 2020/05/18

Lesson 4 - Hydrogen Storage Technology 2020/05/25

Lesson 5 - Fuel Cell Technology 2020/06/01

Lesson 6 - Fuel Cell applications 2020/06/08

Lesson 7 - Voltage generation in a fuel cell 2020/06/15

Lesson 8 - Polymer Membrane Electrolyte operating 2020/06/22