Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Foundations with Anthos

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  • Welcome to Architecting Hybrid Infrastructure with Anthos: Foundations
    • Welcome to the course.
  • Anthos Overview
    • In this module, you learn about the challenges of hybrid cloud and examine modern solutions. You also get an overview of the Anthos technology stack.
  • Managing Hybrid Clusters using Kubernetes Engine
    • In this module, you learn about Anthos GKE hybrid environments, especially the concepts of Admin and User clusters. You learn to register and authenticate remote Anthos GKE clusters in GKE Hub. You also learn to use GKE Hub to manage registered clusters, in cloud and on-premises, and to view workloads in all clusters.
  • Introduction to Service Mesh
    • In this module, you will learn about the service mesh, and the problems it solves. You'll learn about Istio's architecture and components. You'll learn about the Istio on GKE add-on and its lifecycle, including how it compares to self-managed Istio. You'll learn about the flow of request network traffic in a service mesh. More practically, you'll create a GKE cluster with a service mesh. You'll configure a multi-service application with service mesh. You'll enable external access to this application using an ingress gateway. Throughout, you'll work with some example multi-service applications.
  • Course Summary
    • Course Summary