Human Resources Analytics

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  • HR Metrics Life Cycle
    • We will begin this course by exploring the Human Resources Metric Life Cycle, which will include an analysis of the employee life cycle, HR agility, and the various types of metrics used to measure and drive business outcomes.
  • Staffing, Training and Compensation
    • In this module, we dive deep into three different types of metrics - staffing, training, and rewards metrics. We explore the various HR functions and the role these functions play in the success of recruiting, hiring, and retaining quality hires. We also look at the key metrics that serve as business drivers for all three types of metrics.
  • Employee Relations and the Overall Human Resources Organization
    • As a continuation of the previous module, we now explore employee relations metrics and the HR organization as a whole. We will also identify strategies to track measures and report on those outcomes.
  • Building Your Case and Creating Action
    • During this final module, we will explore using the data gathered to effectively create and influence the process of strategic business planning.